What is a Wellness Agent?

What is a Wellness Agent?

A licensed insurance agent who wishes to be “certified” for inclusion in National Corporate Wellness programs, services and websites.


– Training on wellness products and services offered through NCW to be offered to your clients:
– turn-key wellness programs to groups as small as two participants
– customized programs for all size groups.
– all of the products and services that you need to offer wellness solutions to your clients and to attract new clients.
– commissionable products allowing you to earn additional income.
– access to many of the products at substantial discounts as we will order in bulk.
– access to presentations and material allowing you to present without having to develop your own material.
– become a wellness expert by plugging into our extensive resources.


– Once “certified” you will be listed on the web sites in the areas which you do business. You can select the geographic region that you wish to represent. You will also be included in events that NCW conducts, such as wellness fairs, Lunch and Learn programs and community events, such as “The Rewards of Wellness” to be offered in all locations. We partner with Human Resource associations, non-profits and business organizations for this joint event and it will give you the ability to be viewed as an expert on wellness.

Client Retention

– Wellness will be a key concern in the future and if you are not providing this service to your clients, you are vulnerable to losing them. Being proactive and showing your client the advantages of wellness will enhance your value to existing clients, allow you to contact them on a favorable basis and be in front of them and the employees more.