What active NFL players worthy of attention?

16-17 new season worthy of attention to the star, here to recommend a few of you! Kham – Newton, Carolina Panthers quarterback, last season’s regular season MVP, nicknamed “Superman” last year led 15 wins and 1 loss, can be said last year’s NFL’s hottest star, this year’s performance can continue Hot state to see. In addition he is more attractive place lies in his “two sides”, a lot of people are his fans, there are a lot of people because of his publicity personality does not like him. But Newton is very enthusiastic about the public welfare of the community is well known, as he was on the pitch some of the more provocative action is the thing inside the venue.

Tom – Brady, this may be the most famous in China NFL star, the New England Patriot quarterback, 4 times to win the Super Bowl, the achievements are already the most active quarterback, and after retirement is also fully capable One of the best quarterback in the history of competition. Wife is the famous Brazilian supermodel Gisele – Bundchen. The new season Patriot’s first four games you can not see Brady, because the reason for the release of the valve he was suspended for four games, but for the majority of fans in China has a patriot, the Brady is already a symbol of the characters The For me personally, my girlfriend who never see football people know that Bang Chen’s husband is a play football.

JJ-watt, Houston Texas defensive end, three NFL best defensive player, can be called the NFL active beast player, although the age is not big, but he is now the achievements of the NFL has been the same in history Great defensive player Laurence Taylor. The new season he is also quite worthy of attention to the star, and the fifty-first Super Bowl held in Houston, we can say that Watt will make every effort to lead the Texas people to make some achievements (objectively, although the Texas people have not Take the strength of the Super Bowl, but this summer they have a lot of good work in order to reinforce.

Aaron – Rogers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, can be said that in addition to Brady in the domestic popularity of the same number of NFL star. Packers NFL veteran teams in China also have a high popularity, last year Rogers twice Hail Mary performance for him in the country save enough popularity! This season the packer is definitely the strength to win the team.

And then recommend to pay attention to O’Dell – Beckham, the player is probably the fame of his one-handed ball. But put aside the one-handed ball, Beckham is indeed the popular NFL fried chicken, although the giant’s record in general, but in big cities, quite personality, looks good, the most critical is the personal ability super, Baker Ham’s road is heading for the NFL history to take over. But like Newton, because he has a lot of people do not like him. But look at the above described several players, in addition to watt can be called everyone is like the sun goddess, several other players can be said that some people love someone hate, it is also in line with the great star to develop the law The

Russell – Wilson because the sea eagle in the domestic growth of popularity, is now very worthy of attention to the star. Wilson did not be optimistic before, it seems that he is now the most stable black quarterback, because in addition to the black quarterback good run characteristics, Wilson’s passing ability is quite amazing.

300 dpi Chris Ware caricature of Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. (MCT)

First recommend these bars, other stars we can make up. In addition to mention my special preference for a few:
Atlanta falcon took over Julio Jones
Cincinnati Tigers take over A.J-Green
Arizona Cardinals took over Larry Fitzgerald
Tennessee Titan quarterback Marcus Mario tower
Los Angeles rams runaway Todd – Gelley


Why the NFL and MLB isn’t as international as the NBA?

The most important criterion for the value of a sporting event, especially a professional game, is athletic level. As we all know, there are five major sports alliances in North America, according to the popularity of the North American ranking should be: NFL (American football), MLB (baseball), NHL (ice hockey), NBA (basketball), MLS (football).

On the level of competition, MLS and the European five league or a great gap, so MLS in the final, there is no suspense. In front of the four coalitions, respectively, are their own world top, but there are differences. Baseball and basketball in other parts of the world are very high level league, the European basketball league and Japan and China Taiwan baseball league are very high level. And American football and ice hockey is the NFL and NHL in the world stand out. From another point of view, these four projects in the Olympic Games in the most influential and important degree of basketball, followed by ice hockey, baseball has been kicked out of the Olympic Games, American football is not an Olympic project. The Olympic setting criteria are complex, but international influence is one of the most important standards. So by the influence, the highest basketball is undoubtedly, this project site is simple, in six continents have carried out, there is a strong mass base, the strength of the week is relatively balanced. Although the ice hockey is also a veteran project in the Winter Olympics, but by the venue restrictions, the project can only be carried out in high latitudes, although the status of the Winter Olympics is very high (Vancouver Olympic Games when the NHL are suspended), but this Kind of position that the overall lack of collective projects and the Winter Olympics has a great relationship (the Olympic Games collective project gold medal only ice hockey, curling and men’s four-seat snow car five). Baseball this project, the top professional players are not interested in the Olympic Games, and the Olympic Games tournament system focused on the game system is not suitable for baseball. Baseball is the same as American football, is a long game time long (3-4 hours), the middle of the dead time a lot, it is suitable for the characteristics of the US market, the US sports market development is very good, this interruption and short Of the game is best suited to insert advertising, and for the relatively poor degree of commercial development of the Olympic Games, this game is a nightmare! That’s why the Olympic baseball game rhythm feels very slow, and the MLB does not seem to be a sport at all. American football has a close relatives of rugby into the Olympic Games, these two items seem very close, but in fact still very different, personal feel similar to professional boxing and amateur boxing. Rugby this project in the Commonwealth countries to carry out very good, in the degree of popularity did not say, but because too much stopping, I personally feel that the current Olympic Games in the Olympic Games set the standard under the framework of large, and baseball positioning should be almost , Edge project. In the five major league, if the international capital, if the NBA is clearly the highest. The reason is very simple, the level of the global basketball league vertical than the NBA’s highest, five league five projects than the global popularity of the highest level of the NBA. Of course, Mr. David Stern is also a focus on the global market popularity of the Union leaders. The ability to evaluate a league’s business or a league president can not just look at globalization, the success of the NBA globalization, David Stern is a good president, and the NFL made the first league in North America Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell is also the name of the professional sports history of the characters.

Now I’m answering me for “why the NFL MLB is not as international as the NBA?” 1. NBA for the Chinese people, may feel the highest international movement, but this is the US sports industry is more recognized a fact The A lot of people have already discussed how many NBA, MLB, and NFLs are popular in other countries. I changed the angle to answer why NBA internationalization is higher than the NFL and MLB. The answer is that the NBA is basketball, the world can be said to be the second most popular sport (the first football, in addition to the American continent, the world is very popular). And football in addition to the United States, Europe, a small part of the place, no other people playing. Baseball, the basic only the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and other regions of these places more hot. So, the heat of the basketball decided that the NBA could go farther than the NFL MLB. 2. NFL and MLB actually have been actively going out. MLB we all know, MLB World Series in Japan, Taiwan are very fire, but MLB want to break into China, South America, the European continent is very difficult. NFL, in the UK has a regular season of the game, the reason why the choice of the British NFL, mainly for the following reasons: a: because the British football rugby base; b: the venue facilities, communication is no obstacles. For example: Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team boss is also the boss of London Fulham (Fulham).

Their team to play in London, I think the problem does not fight it; c: broadcast problems, I am not here to say how advanced the Premier League broadcast. The main broadcast problem is the time difference. Playing in London, the United States like the audience can see. But if you play nfl in China, the US audience can not watch it in the middle of the night (TV is the largest income nfl, but also their most important factor).

In short, the NFL and MLB is difficult to get out of the most important reason is because of the limitations of the sport, so they must develop the audience, so that the audience love the sport, and strive to let the audience concerned about the sport, this is the time, Manpower, material support. I believe that the NFL and MLB really xx want to go out, but the fact is not allowed, others do not love you this sport, you can not force others to love it NBA chose to the market, chose China, I believe that the only competition with the NBA to become the world’s first league only the Premiership. Premiership strategy is to enter the US market, NBA strategy is to enter the Chinese market. For the Premiership, into the US market to win the world, for the NBA, the Chinese will win the world. Who is the winner? Let’s wait and see.

How does the NFL go beyond MLB as America’s most popular professional sports league?

1. 1920-1954: the early stages of development, not only to catch up with MLB, but also need to compete with the University of the audience, but the NFL at this time to make a lot of radical rules to adjust the game more ornamental, so the professional game of the audience gradually change More and more widely.

2. 1955-1958: Prior to the promulgation of the Sports Radio Act of 1961, the television rights were negotiated by the team alone on the television network (like the University’s Notre Dame Football On NBC broadcast right), and NFL was the earliest before NBC received television rights Began in 1951 by the DuMont television network broadcast Giants, Steelers, Skins, Eagles sporadic game, the 1951 NFL championship is its first true sense of the national live. But DuMont apparently in the broadcast game powerless, the main reason is that he did not Like the old network NBC / CBS as in the local have more affiliate television, so it is difficult to really broadcast the nationalization .196 DuMont collapse, the previous year NBC took over the right to broadcast the Union exposure significantly increased, the 1958 championship The greatest game) because the first use of sudden death overtime rules, ratings reached a terrible 45 million, even more than 10 years after the first few years Super Bowl.

In the stage of the rapid development of television, Pete accurately seized the opportunity to collectively negotiate a national broadcast agreement after the promulgation of the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961. In the case of the rapid development of television, Pete Rozelle = NFL David Stern, When the NFL is far more powerful than the MLB negotiations, because the weekly action of football is more than baseball, basketball and other daily game more popular by the television network, because the week of a strong game, do not need to network Sacrifice to adjust the program table, and in that era TV ratings are often higher than the sports competition, so Pete is easy at the right price to get the maximum TV exposure. At the same time baseball has almost developed to the peak, in the negotiations obviously Will be higher prices, lack of competitiveness, so from this perspective, the characteristics of the US television industry has also led to the NFL beyond the MLB is only a matter of time in addition to the AFL competition to the NFL brought great pressure at the same time bring more broadcast Contracts and a broader mass base, after the merger on the NFL is a hundred and no harm.

4. 1970-present: Pete’s concept of a night game has an indelible contribution to increasing the popularity of the NFL (before DuMont had broadcast Saturday night games in 1953-54, but the ratings were horrified) ABC Monday night was born on September 21, 1970, the achievements of a legendary prime-time program, until 2006 by the spiritual generation of NBC Sunday night game replaced. Super Bowl’s birth further increased the influence of the Union, MLB has completely dropped at this time But the NFL regular season or occasionally to make way for the baseball playoffs, especially to the LCS and World Series stage, which is now in the cable TV / network age is simply unimaginable.

In general, the NFL goes beyond the MLB has its inevitability and contingency, and ultimately because of its extensive movement of the mass base to make it a true national movement, through the five professional league, the United States is the only real people concerned about the movement , NFL in the country generally widespread degree of concern, the most direct reflected in the autumn and winter each year to click on any mainstream city newspaper sports version, NFL is the only one to occupy the topic of eternity, and baseball, basketball, ice hockey Will be based on different areas have different emphasis on the report in addition to the University of the United States by the degree of concern is also second only to the NFL, plus gambling and Fantasy Football and nearly this year’s controversial DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), even if there are so many Scandal ridden NFL is still climbing to the top of the pyramid, and other alliances have their own audience defects:

1. MLB: catastrophic 1994-95 shut down and decades of the PED problem has lost too many viewers, the World Series ratings and attention drop again and again, into the 21st century after the millennium has no longer care The indifference of baseball, young people and minorities (especially blacks) to baseball is a big question mark on the future of the sport. Baseball is still more popular in some regional markets than other non-US footers, but more Of the baseball fans only concerned about their own team, baseball is no longer as the national pastime as a must-see program, serious old white audience is one of its biggest problem.

2. NBA: urbanization movement, in small towns and rural areas are not popular, but the NBA TV audience age second, second only to football, from the perspective of the NBA after the NFL, college, soccer network NBA is also much more developed than other non-American sports, although in some regional markets, local basketball team is less than the local baseball team welcome, but the future of the future audience health is much better than the MLB.

3. NHL: Northeast Caucasian movement, as the Canadian movement, hockey has never been at the feet of their neighbors really take root, the lack of mass base to make the regional movement of the situation is not easy to change.

4. MLS: the overall development of football is still the rapid development of the World Cup audience average age of 38 years old, much lower than other sports, the audience diversity is the biggest advantage of football, the Premier League in the United States Saturday / Sunday NBCSN ratings have been sustained More than NHL night prime time, perhaps after 20-30 years have become the potential of the national movement.But for a world of second and third tier football league, MLS really into the ordinary people there are still huge obstacles.

NFL has Pete Rozelle, the legendary Director General, from the 1960s to the late 80s, for the NFL at the helm for three decades, the status of the equivalent of more familiar with the domestic NBA David Stern. Under the command of Pete Rozelle, NFL became the most profitable sports league in North America, the biggest of which is the two points: First, television. NFL’s takeoff and the fifties and sixties television popularity in the United States is inseparable. At this point, its rival MLB is less than one. It may be related to the characteristics of both sports, rugby is more suitable for television, with close-up to repeat the intense body collision, and baseball is more suitable for watching the game. May wish to compare the side of the NBA, MLB in the United States certainly on the status of the NBA, but if you watch TV ratings data, in fact, the NBA but also slightly better. This also shows that, compared to football and basketball, television performance is not just baseball director. In short, won the TV, won the future (for four or five years ago). Second, the average distribution of television broadcast income. All the team interests are James, so that the small market team also retain the possibility of the impact of the championship, there is little giants team rule of the situation year after year. And MLB is different, the New York Yankees in that, is always a strong team. NFL’s strategy is conducive to maintaining the balance of the entire Union, to strengthen competition. In addition, the development of affiliated derivatives, of course, is also important, but television is the core.


How to become a understand the NFL emperor

NFL is a tall movement, because in China to understand too few people, with the NFL knowledge installed B can definitely pull to no friends. How to pretend to understand a ball it?

First, you have to have a home team. There are 32 teams in the league, you can randomly select one or two teams from the 32 teams as the home team (if you wish, random pumping 32 also). And other sports understand the same as the ball, each pair of fans have a love for their own team, such as Arsenal fans to their team called “I plant”, Liverpool was the fans cordially called “my bucket.” Of course, NFL fans from the black level did not to that level, relatively speaking, is still relatively small and fresh, such as Houston, Texas, the love that is “I Germany”, St. Louis ram is “my sheep”, Green Bay Packers were Called “I package”, Washington red skin is “I skin”. The principle is to use the name in the object or object, in front of a “I” to call their own home team.

Well, the witty little partner will ask, “how do you distinguish between the brigades and the colts?” “Oh,” I do not have to call ‘my wild’ or ‘my little’? “Indeed, the two teams are not so well distinguished, Know, NFL in the country is a tall movement, the fans are very smart. Through the long run, the circle between the fans formed a special tacit understanding, the colts called “my horse”, and the Broncos, it is called “my donkey” (do not ask me why, is so kind!) The

So, more small partners find new problems, how to distinguish between “Tigers” and “Jaguar” it? How to distinguish “eagle”, “sea eagle”, “Falcon” it? How to distinguish “steel man”, “49 people”, “Vikings” mean?

First of all to explain, “Jaguar” is not a tiger, the original intention should be “Puma” was right, do not know who the earliest definition of the wrong, has continued to this day. High on the NFL fans naturally do not make mistakes, so “Jaguar” has become “my cat”, after all, Wikipedia on the “Jaguar” is defined as “a big cat”. Very Meng it, its love that is very evolutionary body is “me meow”. If you choose me meow for the home team, not only called Meng, team standard Meng, the first few seasons of the record can Meng you look of blood

On the “eagle”, “sea eagle”, “Falcon” can actually be “I Eagle”, and often not clear, until one day the domestic American football out of a heavyweight – Bay. Chai Wan in fact did not surname Chai, so he had no reason to become a sea Hawk’s loyal fans. As a diehard, in the country can help the team is to save the character, so the “sea eagle” has become a “broken eagle” or “slag eagle”, as Chai Wan greatly in the circle of high status, , The title spread on the. Chai Wan greatly with the help of anger character, the sea eagle finally live up to expectations of the 2013-14 season Super Bowl. In addition, the “eagle” can be called “the universe eagle”, because a few years ago the Hawks into a group of Pro Bowl players (Pro Bowl is equivalent to the NBA all-star), the lineup of luxury, called the dream team. And the eagle is also a veteran team, history is long, black is also normal. “Falcon” on the powerful, because the Falcon has a nickname called “dirty birds”, so it can be called “my bird”.

Most animals are clear, how is that person? In fact, the Steelers in the mouth of their fans became “I steel”, 49 people are called “I 9”, the Vikings some special. This goes back to 2009, when the Vikings attack to play worse, often lose the ball to lose the ball, the fans of the Vikings mourned their misfortune, anger, and invented the “I lost” the creative vocabulary.

In addition to these, there are a few more special love, such as “my mine”, which in fact refers to the raid, because the team English “Raiders” and radar English “Radar” homophonic.

There are more special – New York jets. Outside the wall, the nickname of the jet is called “green gang” because the dress is too green (the jet and the eagle are “little green” and “big green”). According to the domestic jet fans introduced: If the jet win, that is, “I machine”, if lost, that is me “I spray”. Ask their fans why so black? Because love is deep.

Finally talk about Buffalo Bill and Dallas Cowboys. Light to see the name looks like nothing, in fact, Buffalo Bill also called Buffalo Bill, the team’s logo is a buffalo, so there are fans called “my cattle” rather than “I cloth.” But if you choose Bill and cowboy are as their own home team how to distinguish? Witty little partner did not give back the cowboy cried “I Aberdeen”, so too vulgar, they use “my girl” to make a distinction. Cowboys is actually the “American team”, 32 teams in the most expensive one, but the record did not imagine so good. As the Cowboys fans base is large, of course, is the most black.

Above, when you understand the above these love, usually you can show a better show. If your home team giants just finished the game in the morning, the end of the game up in the morning, as long as you with a small partner said: “lettuce to crown!” And then head over, this state of this sentiment, can directly deter any do not understand NFL friends. Of course, if the surrounding to understand the NFL to argue with you, or early withdrawal from the battlefield, learning the next chapter battles.

Replica Nike NFL jerseys little knowledge

NFL jerseys there are three versions: Nike version, Reebok version.
Nike version NFL jersey is divided into: elite, game and limited version.
Nike and reebok version is divided into: men, women and kids.

Elite is the elite version, is the player who wears.
Game is the fan version, is the fans who wear.

The United States has not sold reebok version, and now the main Nike version. Nike version of the quality is better than reebok, so the price will be more expensive.

Elite quality will be better, they are composed of two parts, good ventilation. Elite version of the size of 40,44,48,52,56
The game is made up of one part, and the whole looks more neat. Fans of the size of S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Limited is the elite version of the collar + fan version of the body. Limited edition size S, M, L, XL, XXL

Elite version of the stripes on the collar, looking at the more beautiful.

Elite version of the label on the size of the number.

This elite version of the jersey number is embroidered up.

Fans of the whole version is relatively neat.


Abroad, rugby and ice hockey are two big ball, in Chinese football and basketball are more popular.

So I do not know the taste of foreigners. Look at the ugly jersey, they like it.
There is a foreign teacher told us that he likes to eat fried fritters, and every day to eat a number of root fritters. He called the egg cake for the Chinese hamburger .
Taste too much difference.


How many Replica NFL jerseys have G,before Super Bowl start?

In fact, didn’t study a lot of NFL games, speaking up to just be able to study the game level.
basically know a number of quarterback, after which a couple of other handful of.
But American football, is
truly a very magical sport, read as soon as started to fascinated. . .
Simply because it has been working abroad, the perform atmosphere is rather particular, so in fact, limited situations, to view the game extremely small
without prejudice to their own appreciate of this movement, of course. . . Truly desire to play even if the estimate!

Due to the fact I like to obtain some jerseys, before the start off of this year’s Super Bowl, and share with you:

The first is nike’s offset, along with the NBA’s rep really should be almost level
Seagull’s Wilson, this year’s jersey,
purchased in Mexico. Or the Seahawks and Packers ahead of the game the evening prior to. . .
For the fourth quarter or really feel, hey! The jersey to wear a will put up! Didn’t count on the last point we all know!

Why acquire in Mexico, because the Mexican individuals are just like the NFL, so it is easy to get
Originally wanted to purchase a beast Lynch, but sold out, so take wilson make up.
on the web named the Game Jersey, but the truth is is offset, and should be the least expensive jerseys, as well as the price tag of one hundred dollars.

The superscript is written On Field,

Subscript, size is S, M, L, XL. . . And
prior to the NIKE NBA Rep the exact same

The back is offset, the name is offset on a piece of cloth
and after that sew up, and the NBA this year, a variety of Christmas jersey

Look at a Nike Elite jersey
As well as the NBA ought to be within the NBA shirt pretty much level, is usually to let students to purchase in the NFL retailer, didn’t understand how the case in specific desire to, just the students back towards the difficulty people appear
Price tag will not be to force, quite unfriendly. . . Now believe in regards to the regret, didn’t know seriously how it was

quantity is quite wrinkled, and washed via various times, did not specifically hang up, frequently folded into a dried bean curd wife inside the closet corner
Because she did not understand how substantially the clothes, we all know. . .

acquire Griffin III, I usually do not know. At that time that this man quite cock, uh, so. . .
is also written around the field, you can see 40 = M, after which a bunch of numbers, usually do not know what’s meant

Subscript is
comparable, the greatest difference may be the size is 40

on the sleeve from the Indian is quite gorgeous, nike logo is embroidery

Behind the
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Elite and Game jerseys are heavy, breathable
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Specifically Elite, major numbers attached towards the back and chest, and Adi’s R30 in comparison to entirely airtight
Day-to-day put on is really not comfortable, certainly, R30’s accurate mesh number for the NFL arena have to die miserable. . .

Final G …
acquire this G, purely as a result of curiosity, but in addition items a couple of years ago, when the Usa education, MGG on the internet to view the sale of this, then keep in mind not also costly to determine size is 44, thinking they really should be able to wear Well. . . The result is such a hand:

Mainly because the price will be the least expensive in G, the players estimate that is a bit-part player. . . Was also particularly checked the height and weight of your person, I feel no dilemma for the
Then an upper physique, shoulders right here ultra-loose, due to the fact the location on the protective gear, and then the following is almost tight chest of the
Meticulously feel about can also be, if the put on loose, folks have passed, but the shirt was pulled, it definitely a huge loss
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Mainly because when to buy or Reebok jerseys, so actually absolutely nothing to examine, size 44, S need to be quick from the which means of loads of G are included in the crotch. . . Really feel in case you get somewhat to put on usually can not accept

Eagle’s armband, embroidery is
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Subscript inside the shirt,
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Lastly, below the size of your 3 jerseys, Elite and Game difference in the size from the standard no,

difference is wonderful, actually fantastic, if there is certainly a tiny belly, the fundamental require not think about the upper body, and doesn’t look good